Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Gorgeous Sister

My Sisters are the most beautiful girls I have ever layed eyes on. We are so much the same, and so wonderfully different. What would I do without you?

Mason is rockin' his little toddler outfits...getting so big!!!

Mason doesn't know what to think about his cowboy boots! He likes them, but he is no cowboy when it comes to wearing them!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Check Out My New Pixie Cut!

Been thinking about cutting my hair for a while, and finally took a chance. So far don't miss my hair much. Its super fast and when I have a little Boy at my feet and playing in my bathroom drawers, this is just what I needed. Kinda wierd to know how to style but getting the hang of it! Now just what to do with all my scrunchies...??? Ha ha.

Candy Machine Face Lift

I found this at a yard sale for $30, I should have taken a before and after, it was horrible. Gold, forest green with an oak bottom. a little clorox, spray paint and elbow grease, voila! My neighbor kids will have this gone in a month!

Happy Halloween!!!

Mason loved Halloween this year, and so did I. I made our costumes, and was more than thrilled when he actually kept his on!

My Sweetest Fall Boy